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It is relatively easy to become a Beta Tester

 So You want to become a Beta Tester but don't know where to begin? It is relatively easy to become a Beta Tester, many platforms have developments underway and are only too eager to have You test them freely.  There is usually an easy to find links which will stand out and actually say 'Beta' somewhere on the page of whatever platform You joined. If  You can find a Beta link, You should be able to find out more information about the new Beta application or platform options. If there is no obvious link then an official invite may be required from the platform itself.  This almost always happens with older platforms offering  newer applications and platform options still in developmental phases.  The other option is to self appoint as a Beta tester for Your own personal observations of how a platform is working, so You have the knowledge and understanding for a later date of use. I found this incredibly helpful for keeping up with some of the main platforms where development

Beta Testing Platforms as a Freelancer

  I have been Beta Testing online Platforms and Apps for many years. Discovering all the hidden pros and cons to a new Platform or Service. Sometimes testing out an older Platform as it brings on new Beta Versions of applications, designs and concepts. Most of the time I do a smaller analysis of a platform, especially if it is new. I will join the free version to see what is offered and then poke and prod all the options to see what happens next.  During this weird technique of Beta Testing, I discover issues in Security, Payment Processing Issues and overall Function of the Platform tools or services offered. This website is dedicated to sharing my findings of the various Platforms that I personally Beta Tested in the past. Both paid and free analysis for personal and professional understandings. It is my goal to share with others what I found best and perhaps not so good about the Platforms, Apps and Services offered to those who enjoy Beta Testing discoveries.

Keeping Your Findings to Yourself as a Beta Tester

  Starting with the First Platform was not difficult, I signed up, did all the required filling in of data and began my journey as a Beta Tester, or so I thought. This, for a smaller corporation, where I offered my services as a volunteer, which gave me the opportunity to consult with the owners as to my findings and for them to reconnect with me and discus it all.  The problem was I shared everything I found and received nothing for my time or my findings in return. However, as a beginner I recognized I needed to keep working at this, to develop my skills and interaction levels.   That first experience was over a dozen years ago,  they kept my information and moved forward to selling the platform with my findings, for several million dollars to another owner. This is the downside of beta testing for free. I was told I wouldn't be paid for my time, but as a novice, soon realized I was just ripped off for my time and my findings. Part of me was choked but the reality is, I learned a