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Beta Testing Platforms as a Freelancer

  I have been Beta Testing online Platforms and Apps for many years. Discovering all the hidden pros and cons to a new Platform or Service. Sometimes testing out an older Platform as it brings on new Beta Versions of applications, designs and concepts. Most of the time I do a smaller analysis of a platform, especially if it is new. I will join the free version to see what is offered and then poke and prod all the options to see what happens next.  During this weird technique of Beta Testing, I discover issues in Security, Payment Processing Issues and overall Function of the Platform tools or services offered. This website is dedicated to sharing my findings of the various Platforms that I personally Beta Tested in the past. Both paid and free analysis for personal and professional understandings. It is my goal to share with others what I found best and perhaps not so good about the Platforms, Apps and Services offered to those who enjoy Beta Testing discoveries.