It is relatively easy to become a Beta Tester

 So You want to become a Beta Tester but don't know where to begin? It is relatively easy to become a Beta Tester, many platforms have developments underway and are only too eager to have You test them freely. 

There is usually an easy to find links which will stand out and actually say 'Beta' somewhere on the page of whatever platform You joined. If  You can find a Beta link, You should be able to find out more information about the new Beta application or platform options. If there is no obvious link then an official invite may be required from the platform itself.  This almost always happens with older platforms offering  newer applications and platform options still in developmental phases. 

The other option is to self appoint as a Beta tester for Your own personal observations of how a platform is working, so You have the knowledge and understanding for a later date of use. I found this incredibly helpful for keeping up with some of the main platforms where developments are still in beta.