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The Inguz Rune represents starting over, new beginnings and growth.

The Inguz Rune is an ancient symbol for a time of Fertility. New beginnings and new changes that are created. This can also stand for new birth in life but also in spirituality. Life is change it always changes from one moment to the next. The Inguz symbol brings to mind that we are going to begin something new. A time of starting over, redeveloping and growth. This is a positive symbol that was shared in  Scandinavian and Germanic types of cultures of old.   Today it is celebrated in the  pagan culture as a positive sign of growth and fertility. 
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Recognize that you are capable of more than originally thought

Life is full of positive aspects that make everything seem magical.  Sparks of positivism flow when we focus our thoughts and accomplish our tasks.  A time for transformation seems to be lurking about for everyone on the  planet.   Things are changing but we humans always adapt and move forward.  We set new goals and achieve new tasks, together, in our societies.   Even if you feel insignificant, you are not. Everyone plays a part in this universal puzzle. Recognizing that you are capable of much more than you may have originally thought. This is a time for Transformation and moving forward. No holding back! 

Spending funds responsibly is a great characteristic to have!

Financial responsibility follows the people connected to the number five. If you feel a strong connection to number 5 you may find yourself generally good with money. You are probably great at saving and allocating where funds need to be and spent, responsibly. Being responsible with money is important, especially as the planet evolves and changes.   Spending funds responsibly is a great characteristic to have! This is one of the luckier numbers to connect with, as you may also be a generous soul always willing to help others in need.  You see your blessings as a way to enhance the lives of others around you.   Another amazing trait for those connected to numerology number five!